Elizabeth Huebner

Elizabeth Huebner is an ordained Priestess of the Divine Mother Church. The Divine Mother Church celebrates the Sacred Feminine across all traditions. Priestess are taught deep vibrational healing practices as well as how to commune with Divine beings and receive their wisdom. Divine Mother teaches that we are all whole and one with God/ess, and that anyone may have a personal relationship with the Divine, and that that union lies within. Elizabeth studied performing arts for over 15 years, exploring the full spectrum of the human experience and the power of the imagination to create real felt states. Her knowledge of the power of the mind to create our reality and impact our lives was further enriched by becoming a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. In the last year she has been delving deep into the honeyed wisdom of European bee shamanism, engaging in practices that utilize all her life learnings. She’s been attending, participating, and teaching at Burning Man and transformational art festivals for 9 years.

“The Bee Divine Hive Temple has invited a constant turning inward and surrendering to the will of Divine Mother. Every part has been guided by Her wisdom received through my own heart. It draws upon all of my loves, theater, hypnosis, shamanism, and the sacred feminine. In this process She has taught me how to live, but also why I’m here. Bee Divine reminds us that it is our bodies, our earth, and life itself that is sacred. Life is play, magic is made through our own hands, will, and imagination. So let us imagine reality and make it so.”

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Photo Credit: Mary at Le Gassique Studios

Elizabeth Sciore-JOnes

Elizabeth is a radical artist, world traveler, reiki master, yoga teacher, lightworker and ritualist. She was was born into the pagan community in Ithaca, NY and ordained in 2010 as a Reverend-Priestess in the Temple of Auset-Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of 10,000 names.  With a Masters in Fine Arts and 15 years + in the art world, her profession is creating sacred art and interactive space. As a ten year burner who’s playa-journey started at Hope & Fear in 2006, she is fascinated by the art, the ego-shedding and the authentic-germinating that happens every time the city opens its gates.   She sees community and collaboration as a doorway to radical self-reliance, for the Personal-Self as well as the Communal-Self.

“Art is a vessel for communal wellness. As a culture we must strive to open all the doors that lead to our own personal health and collective preservation. I know that art gives us the ability to transform, to change our perspective, and help others do the same. It is an uplifting experience to see individuals open their life-concepts through interacting with art on all different levels.”

Active art projects: The Golden Altar series, experimental short film “Cosmic Womb”, 2019 that is being featured at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Visionary Women’s Film Symposium in May, and the goodearthsophia Goddess Sculptures and Garb.  

Current collaborations:  The Bee Divine Embodiment Project & Hive Temple, IANUA:: a visionary art portal, SpiritFire Festival, Harmonic Temple collective and Healer interactive artspace in Indianapolis, IN.

You can check out her ongoing art on Instagram @goodearthsophia,  Patreon or @

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore is a visionary artist, event producer, theater director, and intuitive who also specializes in grief counselling and various forms of energetic interventions. Her healing capabilites are focused primarily in the shadow realms. Through her 13 years of service as a death doula and event producer, she operates from a place of intuitive creativity, grounded compassion, and a playful foot in this world and other ethereal joining veils.

“ My goal is to be an instigator of Authentic Willful Expression! Whether it’s through my art, directing, holding space in ceremony or assisting others through challenging truths, I hold time and connection high in honor. My greatest motivations are to help others feel safe through these various gentle unfoldings. I feel deeply, that through the arts and radical creativity, one is able to re-discover aspects of self they might have otherwised forgotten about. I say emotional liberation can be utterly contagious and there is a steady balance between the light and the dark and I enjoy flitting about the veils of both!”  

This will be Amanda’s Third trip back to the Playa. Her first year she was a producer for TedxBlackRockCity 2016, Worked box office, help build Burningman’s 2017 Tower of Not Babel by Alan Shechter and also was a featured artist for Tomas Joaquin Burkey’s Piramide de Muertos in 2017. This year she is returning as one of the Hive Temple’s founding producers, Camp lead and featured artist. She will also be the installation’s Sunrise Oracle.

To check out some of Amanda’s current works, visit her website at or her instagram account @a.j.Moore_art

Photo Credit: Nocholas King Author of The Burner Book, 2017.