Bee Divine Online

Cracking the CHrysalis

This is an online workshop to open you to the Bee Divine Embodiment experience and a personal relationship with the Divine Mother. This workshop is focused on cracking the shell to unfurl the Divine Self within. Cracking the Chrysalis offers introductory work to the Bee Divine practices and experiences. The course is held over four consecutive weeks. Coursework includes weekly 2hr live video conferences with Elizabeth on zoom, one audio file of an Embodiment Ritual, a recorded hypnotic induction for dreaming, and special homework assignments to deepen your experience. This course is for anyone that is seeking to know Divine Mother and begin their experiential path of Divine Embodiment.

Begins November 1st

Course fee: $80

Winter Solstice Spiral

This online series spans three months beginning after the Yule, the Winter Solstice. This course is a deep dive into Bee Divine Embodiment work. Each month we will be moving into deep relationship with a different Divine archetype. As this course spans the months of Winter, and in recognition of our interconnectedness with the natural world, our Embodiments will be aligned with the internal spiral that Winter encourages. This course is for those with daring, to step into the dark within, to confront the shadows and find the everlasting seed of life within, that eternal flame. This course will include weekly 2hr video conferences, recordings of all ritual Embodiments, peer coaching for integration, recorded hypnotic induction for dream, and personalized rituals, as well as access to a private facebook peer group for questions and discussions. This body of work is for anyone wanting to explore with the depth the Bee DIvine Embodiment process. We will be creating deep relationships with aspects of the Divine, and engaging in diligent practice around embodying and expressing Divine energy.

Begins January 2020

Course fee: $240


Spring Equinox Spiral


Summer Solstice Spiral