Photo by Zach Ellis, Image Courtesy of The Good of the Hive

Photo by Zach Ellis, Image Courtesy of The Good of the Hive


The Bee Divine Hive Temple

In Hive collaboration, the Bee Divine Embodiment process is magnified through set and setting. It is housed in an experiential space created for living spirit and sacred metaphor, dedicated to the Divine Feminine. In this way the entire art installation is a part of this potent and interactive ritual theater. Everyone who enters is a participant, whether worshiper or worshipped. The Hive designs immersive creative spaces in service to self created sacred experience. We explore how art, imagination, and participation ignite deeply felt experiences within all who dare participate. We dare you to explore what may happen when you engage with these tools and direct them towards the spiritual.  

Our first interaction of Bee Divine Hive created space, is the Bee Divine Hive Temple. This Temple is a hexagon with basket like Skep woven walls. Upcycled fabric and meaningful clothes donated by women and community create a textural vessel. LED lights glow through the fabric and pulse with the sound of soft humming bees emanating from speakers both within and outside the Temple. Soft bells chimes on each corner inviting participants to ring them as they are drawn in.

Inside is a small hexagon prism with a raised dais, transparent curtains shroud it in mystery. By day, sits a statue of the Divine Woman with offerings of incense and honey mead.  At night, the dais becomes the stage for those who undergo the Bee Divine Embodiment Ritual ro receive their worship. The interior is all flowing fabric, ornate altars, and original paintings dedicated to the sacred Feminine Archetype. Colors of gold, white, amber pay tribute to the bee. The structure radiates honey light, glowing and buzzing like a beehive. It evokes the soft honey and power of the sacred feminine as embodied by the collective and those who choose to participate.


Sacred Dancers

Visionary Painters

Body Painters

Visual Artists

Bee Keepers

Mead Makers


Installation Artists

Altar Builders

Light Workers

Reiki Masters

Massage Therapists

Thai Yoga



Space Holders


Spiritual Warriors



Consent Practice



The Hive: A Circle of Artists, Healers & Guardians

Art is a way to heal yourself, heal your community, and express the universal singularity of existence. We are Dancers, Painters, Altar Builders, Sculptors, Photographers, and Ritualists. The Hive is the community, and we all are space holders. Contemporary Healers source from a wide variety of modalities. Guardians of the circle create and hold safe boundaries and teach consent.


Elizabeth Huebner
Creator, Producer/Director, Priestess

Elizabeth Sciore-Jones
Artistic Director & Designer, Priestess