Bee Divine Embodiment at CoSM!

Collaboration is sweet! We created an experimental short film "Cosmic Womb" that was just awarded entry into the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors:: Women’s Visionary Film Symposium at the end of May! Check out a short preview for the film and stay-tuned! Cosmic Womb Trailer
Congratulations Elizabeth Sciore-Jones, Elizabeth Huebner, and Julia Nelson!

"Cosmic Womb" is an experimental video art origin story that combines organic content with historic media, fractal exploration, and eco-feminism. The story of the Great Mother and her Daughter the Honeybee are hypnotic, abstract, and archetypal. Their universal relationship is told by an sensory journey related to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) that proceeds the poetic story itself. These textures translate into an immersive art experience, supported by the binaural audio, saturated colors and universal images. The "Cosmic Womb" short is affiliated with the a 2019 Burning Man Art Grant recipient, the "Bee Divine Embodiment Project" which combines visual art with ritual theater for female-identifying empowerment. esciorejones

Elizabeth Sciore-Jones