::March 20th, 2019:: Spring Equinox and Full Moon Ceremony

This is a free Facebook live event of a guided ceremony designed to welcome in Spring and harness the power of the equinox and the full super moon. On this night we will plant the seeds of our intentions for creation. This will be a guided ceremony using hypnosis, dance, and guided meditation. In celebration of my first public ceremony, I’ll send a replay link to anyone who RSVP’s, that it may be replayed or used as a template for your own ceremonial wishes.

The Spring Equinox ushers in the awakening of Spring and the end of Winter. At this time the day and the night are equal. It is, in metaphor, the sacred union of masculine and feminine, god and goddess, the Divine copulation that ignites the abundance of summer. This year we are blessed to have the Equinox align with the March Full Moon, this has not occurred in 19 years. In addition it is a Super moon, the last of 2019, where the moon is closest to the earth.

Join me as we engage movement, will, and imagination to call forth the potency of creation into our own bodies and activate the seeds of our desires into the material!

Elizabeth Huebner