Circle of Healers, spaceholders and Guardians

::Vestals:: Act as hosts or space-holders in partnership with our Temple Guardians. While the Guardian holds the protector energy of the space, Vestals welcome citizens in, inviting their participation. They offer sacraments, inviting female identifying citizens to participate in the embodiment ritual. This role is a social one of space, citizen, and participant care. Anyone is welcome to apply for this role!

::Guardians:: The knights of the Hive! The Guardians embody the sacred masculine archetype as protector and supporter of the Temple, its Priestesses, the women taken through the embodiment process. Anyone that resonates with embodying sacred masculine energy is welcome to apply for this role. Guardians will oversee the safety and care of the space, be trained in conflict resolution, gently enforce temple etiquette. Each Guardian will take part in an online training which will include an exploration of the archetype of the sacred masculine as well as practical tools in conflict resolution, and will undergo a ritual initiation on playa in recognition of stepping into this sacred role.

::Heralds:: The sacred MCs. They will announce female identifying participants that undergo the embodiment ritual before they enter onto the Dias for their individualized ritual of worship. Heralds will also act as stage managers that coordinate between front and back of the house, scheduling embodiments and keeping track of time.

::Massage Therapists:: As part of the embodiment ritual, participants will be ritually anointed and massaged. We are requesting female identifying massage therapists interested in assisting in this ritualized physical preparation. This is open to classic table massage, Thai Yoga massage, Shiatsu and all other applicable modalities.

::Reiki Masters & Light Workers:: We are looking for trained practitioners to join us in this healing space and work with individual women and in a group setting.


Visionary Artists & Sacred Designers

::Painters:: Adorning the inside of the woven walled Hive Temple, we are looking for artists to paint 1-3 hexagonal wooden tiles each, with their interpretation of the sacred honey bee and the sacred feminine. While we encourage you to focus on golden honey colors and our bee divine focus, we acknowledged that the abundance of Feminine divinity can not be contained in one color spectrum. We are seeking artists that are interested in creative collaborating with the installation as a whole rather than individuated gallery style work. The tiles will the be installed throughout the Hive Temple creating a comb of divine feminine inspiration.

::Photographers:: We are seeking female identifying photographers to help us document this experience for our participants. Because this is a deeply vulnerable process and our participants will only be female identifying, we are seeking photographers that are also female identifying to create the greatest amount of comfort for our participants. Consent to photograph is essential for the comfort and safety of our space and so each participant will be asked whether they wish to be photographed and photography will be restricted within the Temple to photographers that have been approved. As with all pieces of this project we seek to embody the sacred within this act of documentation that this too may heighten the experience of our participants and serve as an extra gift to them afterwards, should they so wish it.

::Make-up Artists & Stylists:: Our intent is to viscerally create the experience of embodying the Divine. Image plays a beautiful role in stepping into this transformation. We are seeking creative make-up artists and hair stylists that are interested in heightening this process by helping participants embody their Divine archetype through this art.

::Installation Art & Costume Design:: We are looking for female identifying artists who create sacred space and ritual design. If you are interested in joining the installation or design team please reach out with a link to your portfolio and a description of your art!


::Not able to go to the Burn this year?::

We are looking for many different kinds of Donations!

*** All donated Art, Objects and Fabric will be used to build this beautiful temple! We are not able to return any donations.***

Fabrics & Dresses: White, natural, yellow, gold, honey colors fabrics and clothing, solid and sheer, lace and netting. Woven fabric? Old bolts? Muslin or Canvas? Yes. Clean old sheets/ blankets? Yes. Curtains/ antique tablecloths? Yes. Wedding dresses? YES! *** contact us here!

Ritual Objects, Divine Styles & Crystals: Do you have any Ritual Objects, Sacred Garb or Crystals you would like to send the Hive? We are accepting representations of the pollinators, divine feminine, the Flora and Fauna of the world. Crystals, Gems, Geodes, Send them our way! Resin/ Charcoal ( like for a hookah)? Yes. *** contact us here!

Visionary Painters: You do not need to go to Burning Man to participate! Contact us to add a painting to the temple (see instructions above in VISIONARY ARTISTS & SACRED DESIGNERS).

Honey? YES! We are serving honey as sacrament at our temple. We want to hear from you! contact us here!

Money? YES! Although we received the honorarium grant from Burning Man ORG, we still have costs to cover! Help our project and donate straight to the Hive temple or Support the Artists and Healers! Donate Here!

***PLEASE NOTE: due to the LEAVE-NO-TRACE ethics we can not accept fabrics or objects with spangles/ sequins/small beads/ feathers or anything else that would fall off or disintegrate. Thank you!***